IRVINE architectural archaeologist Joss Durnan is researching a book about the development of Irvine New Town.

And he has paid his own tribute to the Magnum Leisure Centre on Minecraft.

As part of his study into the growth and design of the Irvine New Town, Joss has been studying the history of the Magnum which planners designed to look like large exhibition centres popular in England.

He finds it sad that it was torn down as the building was futuristic at the time.

Joss expklained: "The Magnum was to be the focus of the harbourside and be built as a huge fun factory style venue.

"It was based on the exhibition centres in England and it's sad that it is no longer there.

"It's somewhere that everyone has a lot of memories of."

Irvine Times:

Joss, 30, was planning on compiling his PhD with a study into his hometown but he made the decision to write a book instead.

Now, he is three years into his research and working on completing his first draft this year and he is enjoying finding out all he can about Irvine.

“As someone from Irvine I have a passion for the town and it to be able to talk to some of the key architects and planners who were carrying out the work for IDC is a dream,” said Joss.

“I feel it’s a shame that Irvine New Town was never completed the way they had planned it, it had potential to be ground breaking and had some fantastic ideas, like connecting the town to the harbour, it is sad that this never happened."

Irvine Times:

Joss is hoping to finish the first draft of his book later this year but for now you can enjoy his interprestation of the design of the Magnum via his twitter page.