A FRAUDSTER was caught scamming people out hundreds of pounds after not posting out electrical goods several punters purchased from him.

Martyn Allan, 27, pled guilty to eight fraud charges committed from his address in Cheviot Way, Irvine.

While using a false name, Allan agreed to sell a mobile phone for £460 and accepted payment through a bank transfer – then failed to provide the phone in 2017.

He admitted agreeing to sell a laptop to two individuals for £550 – again inducing payment without providing the laptop between January1 and January 30, 2018.

Under another false name, he agreed to sell a mobile phone for £400 and again taking the money without delivering the phone. T

He admitted scamming another man out of £630 after agreeing to provide another mobile phone without sending it on January 21 2018.

He scammed another couple out of £400 for another phone between April 1 and April 7 the same year – this time going under yet another identity.

He struck again on April 13 and April 16 agreeing he would sell a mobile phone for £300 and stealing a £100 deposit from one victim and taking £410 from another.

With another name on August 28, 2018, he took another customer’s £450 without delivering the phone.

Not guilty pleas to a further seven charges on the complaint were accepted by prosecutors.

Bail was continued when Allan’s case was back up before Kilmarnock Sheriff Court and he will return for sentencing at a later date.

Any information on fraud or any criminality can be reported to Police Scotland on 101 – in an emergency always dial 999.