A MAN famed for his daring and consistent world record attempts has set his sights on a new challenge – cycling on a stationary bike for three weeks straight.

William Cannon, 54, is no stranger to physical exertion and tackling great fitness obstacles to achieve great things.

But this time the man has gone one step further by recruiting an American coach who specialises in world record attempts to ensure he makes history.

William, originally from East Renfrewshire, will undertake the task outside his workplace of Barony Universal in Irvine on March 8.

All funds raised will go to the DEBRA charity which supports individuals and families affected by the skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

William explained “My record attempt is historic because no one on Planet Earth has gone beyond 12 days and it’s never been done with the use of a turbo trainer attached to an outdoor bike.

“This means I hook a turbo up to an outdoor bike as opposed to having a spin or exercise bike.

“There are no rules to say you can’t use a turbo when attempting this world record so we have checked that out. It’s good because the turbo is lighter and faster.



“The world record originally came from America so I went back to its roots and discovered an online coach, Kayleigh Cohen, who could help me.

“She has vast knowledge of these types of things and has been very kind, giving me everything necessary to go after a world record of this magnitude.

“Her and her husband have a studio and their channels broadcast all over the world so they’ve been kind enough to show me the ins and outs of this world.

“She has a specific plan for me so if I stick to it, things should swing in my favour.”

At the heart of each of William’s projects is a real charitable spirit, and the man assures that this is reciprocated in the support and encouragement he receives from friends, family and colleagues.

He continued: “Barony Universal are keen to promote this type of world record and have always been enthusiastic about it.

“They support me fully through it and provide a space for me to see it through.

“You’ve got to call on a lot

of your experience over the

last 20 odd years but I feel this is my time to really make a mark in a number of ways,

both for the charity and for myself.

“This is just the beginning for me.

“I’d like to go on and do 11 and a half hour planks and improve on my wall-sit. But one step at a time.

“I’ve got a five year plan to incorporate the greatest world records the world has ever known and bring them to Scotland, and also to boost the charity and help the nations’ morale.”