A MICRO-BREWERY could soon be set up in Irvine, if plans are approved.

The brewery would be based at Irvine’s Coast Estate Agents – operating in the office’s store room – with plans stating there would be no issues with noise during production.

Plans state: “I intend to convert the area labelled as “store” on the provided floor plan into a microbrewery.

“The equipment used in the brewing process does not produce any noise or vibrations which could cause disruption in the surrounding area, all the equipment is freestanding and will not affect or require changes to the structure of the building.

“As the process is not very hands-on, staff presence in the building is not heavily required.

“A work schedule will involve a couple of hours setting up the equipment for use on the first day then a full day brewing on day two with the final day also being a short one just to bottle and package the previous week’s beer.

“This third day could most likely be combined with the first day’s activities most weeks.”

The application was submitted last month and validated by planners last week.