Quizzing has become a regular occurrence for most during lockdown, but how much do you know about Ayrshire?

Test yourself, friends and family with these Ayrshire questions:


1. Where was the first Open Championship held?

2. Who were the first Ayrshire team to win the Scottish Junior Cup?

3. Granite from where is known for its use in the production of curling stones?

4. Who won the most recent men's Open Championship held at an Ayrshire course?

5. Which junior team plays at Townhead Park?

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6. Which of Ayrshire’s six main rivers is the shortest? 

7. To the nearest hundred metres, how tall is Goatfell? 

8. Which river originates at Glenbuck Loch?

9. Of the three Ayrshire Councils, which is the largest in terms of area?

10. Which body of water separates the Isle of Arran and the Kintyre Peninsula?

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11. According to some historians, Robert the Bruce was born at which Ayrshire castle?

12. Which American writer spent part of his childhood in Irvine in 1815?

13. What was the name of Robert Burns wife? 

14. Thought to be named by Vikings, the name of which village means ‘Broad Bay’ in Old Norse?

15. In which year did Elvis Presley make a stop over at Prestwick Airport?

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16. Johnnie Walker whisky was originally distilled and sold from a shop in which Ayrshire town? 

17. Which Ayrshire castle has 11 uneven sides? 

18. Dreghorn’s John Dunlop is best known for inventing what?

19. Kilmarnock-born Colin Mochrie hosted which comedy show between 1991 and 1999?

20. Before moving to Ayr Racecourse in 1966, where was the Scottish Grand National Held?

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  1. Prestwick Golf Club
  2. Kilwinning Rangers
  3. Ailsa Craig
  4. Henrik Stenson (Royal Troon in 2016)
  5. Cumnock Juniors Football Club
  6. River Garnock
  7. 900m (874m/2867ft)
  8. River Ayr
  9. East Ayrshire (1,261 sq. km)
  10. Kilbrannan Sound
  11. Turnberry Castle
  12. Edgar Allen Poe
  13. Jean Armour
  14. Brodick
  15. 1960
  16. Kilmarnock
  17. Loch Doon Castle
  18. Pneumatic tyres
  19. Whose Line Is it Anyway?
  20. Bogside Racecourse, Irvine