Irvine Seniors Forum has launched its Big Hearts campaign to encourage communities to have their say on changes to the care system.

Big Hearts is in recognition of the care that has been provided during this pandemic by homecare, care at home staff and individual carers, and in response to the Scottish Government review of social care.

Chair Rosemary Byrne said: “We want people to take the time to think about how our care services should be shaped for the future and join in the discussion by engaging with their elected representatives. Irvine Seniors Forum will be organising discussions and information sessions via social and local media.”

Some of the questions people will be asked to consider are-

Should care be provided free of cost from the cradle to the grave?

Should our care services be run by councils, the NHS or a combination of both?

How do we fund these services for the future?

How can we create a system that provides professional training and treats carers with the respect they deserve by providing good wages and conditions?

Nancy Gillespie from Irvine Seniors Forum said: “The Independent Review could give us the opportunity to put forward our views about the type of support and care we want and need. However, many people may not be represented if they don’t have access to the internet or are unable to have their voices heard.

“I am particularly concerned about older people with dementia and frailty and unpaid carers, who may not get to know what help is available.” in their communities.”