Some road signs are nearly 'obliterated' with stickers, with one community councillor suspecting it may have ‘something to do with football’.

Complaints of stickers and graffiti across Kilwinning were raised at the town’s community council last week – with one member stating the graffiti ‘needed stopped’.

Secretary Jim Watson said: “The amount of graffiti and the amount of these stickers that go on signs around the town just seems to be getting worse and worse.

"Some of the signs are nearly almost obliterated now. I don’t even know what these mnemonics are about but its badly needing stopped, its turning into a real mess around the town.

“I know we’ve talked about it before but it’s so disappointing that this is carrying on – I suspect it's got something to do with football but it’s so annoying.

Kilwinning Cllr Donald Reid previously said: “Any sort of graffiti, no matter what type, downgrades your town, it downgrades your area. Whether it’s a Rangers sticker, Celtic sticker, a Yes Independence sticker or a No sticker, there is a place for them, but it’s not out in public.

“If it offends one person, it offends one person too many.”