A 13-year-old young actor from Irvine is reeling after landing a role in a hit movie which is receiving rave reviews following its recent debut on streaming platform Amazon Prime.

Jude Shedden stars as ‘Schmae’ in a Little Italian Vacation – a comedy romance about a group of youngsters and their quest for love in an Italian town.

Directed by Felipe Torres Urso, who has worked on films such as Bridesmaids, Ab Fab and Angels & Demons, the work has been nominated for Best Comedy at Cinequest Film Festival, with Jude’s performance being praised by cast and crew.

Irvine Times:

And the St Matthew’s Academy pupil is no stranger to the limelight. Having started his drama career at the Harbour Arts Centre at three years old, Jude then progressed on to Theatre School of Scotland in Glasgow where he works hard to enhance his skillset.

Any Harry Styles fans will be envious to know that he also starred in the popstar’s music video for ‘Adore You’ in 2019 – another success in what is sure to be a long and prosperous career for the young local talent.

Jude told the Times: "It was great to be a young actor getting a big role in a movie like that. Not a lot of people get a chance to experience that. The cast were great with me as well as I was the only kid on set.

"It was great being in Italy because of the weather. It’s really different to the usual Scottish weather. I’d never been to Italy before either. It’s such a beautiful country. Everyone who was there was like a little family to me. The full cast were great."

Jude continued: "It was a great experience to work with the director Dave Myers. He’s a massive director in the music video industry so I learned a lot from him. I never got to meet Harry unfortunately as he was on set filming the next day.

"I’ve got another movie lined up which will be announced soon. Everyone in Irvine has been so supportive, always sharing things to do with the film. My agent, friends and teachers have been great, too. They said they’re there to talk if it gets too stressful."

Irvine Times:

Proud mum Michelle who accompanied Jude on his travels to Italy is also over the moon to see her son’s name in lights.

She said: "I always describe Jude as an old soul in a young body. Some of the things he says, I think, I wish I could think more like that. It’s funny because he’s playing an old man in a kid’s body in the movie.

"As he’s the only child in the film, he really stands out in his role and the reviews he’s got have been amazing.

"Jude’s so humble and just enjoys it as much as he can."

A Little Italian Vacation is available for streaming now on Amazon Prime.