IN OUR series of features looking at life in the plots of Kilwinning’s Eglinton Growers, this week we meet some of the gardeners who have hailed the allotments as their sanctuary during the lockdown.

Each of the 104 plots are owned by green fingered enthusiasts who take time out of their lives to spend at the community allotments. From policemen to retired soldiers and nurses, they have formed a community garden with an impressive waiting list of over 40 people keen to get their hands dirty too.

And there are so many gardeners at the allotments called Billy that they are affectionately referred to as Billy One, Two, Three.

Billy two, pictured above, said: “It’s a great place, lovely people and I love my time here. At the moment I’m trying to grow some pumpkins for the grandkids to enjoy.”

Two gardeners who have seen a friendship blossom during lockdown are Suzanne and Anna, who have allotments next door to each other.

Suzanne said: “We have always spoken to each other but during the lockdown we made a point of sharing a cuppa and having a chat with each other.

“There were days it was just nice to get out the house and enjoy some fresh air and talk to someone, I have looked forward to it.”

Anna went on: “I have seen more of Suzanne than a lot of my family due to the restrictions and it has been lovely to sit and have a socially distanced brew and a catch up with Suzanne.”

Next week, we will take a look at the ambitious future plans for the community allotments.