A KILWINNING dad who is running 47 10k runs in a row has started his marathon challenge.

And Craig Potter knows he will make it over the finish line each day as he has an army of supporters taking part, running and cheering him on.

Craig is taking on the challenge in memory of his mum, Theresa, who died suddenly last year after suffering a heart attack.

“We were all left stunned when mum died,” said Craig.

“She hadn’t shown what we thought were typical symptoms, she didn’t have chest pain.

“But we found out from a nurse who said that women often suffer what seems to be gastrointestinal symptoms. We were shocked when we found out that 47 people die from a heart attack in Scotland every day, we knew that we had to try and raise awareness of that.

“So I’m running 10k for 47 days in a row to raise awareness of the fact that 47 people a day in Scotland are dying of cardiovascular disease.

“A huge thank you to everyone who is keeping me going with their support and messages, it means the world to us.”

The goal is to use the money raised to set up two research funds in her memory.

One of the studies will look at the ways women are affected by heart disease.

The second research fund will look at statistics that show you are three times more likely to suffer a

heart attack in Scotland than you are in London.

Craig went on: “My mum was a passionate campaigner who always had a strong voice when it was needed, we hope to continue the impact she always had by supporting Heart Research UK.”

His challenge which started on March 24 will see Craig complete his last 10k on what would have been Theresa’s birthday on May 9.