Irvine's Taco Bell branch is set to giveaway free scran to moon-wachers next month after launching its first ever Scottish drive-thru in the town.

Taco Bell is giving away tacos around the world for free and take advantage on May 4 thanks to the moon - which the chain claims will look uncannily like a taco.

Grab your free taco on May 4 with residents asked join the conversation by posting on social media with the hashtag #ISEEATACO.

Grab your binoculars, dust off your telescope, or just stick your head out of the window and look up and anyone lucky enough to catch the giant silver taco in the sky will score a free taco the following day.

Gino Casciani, General Manager at Taco Bell® UK & Europe said: “We’re excited to kick-off Taco Bell’s first ever global campaign, using the world’s biggest billboard as our storyteller - the moon."

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