TUCKED away in a corner of Kilwinning Sports Club, next to the golf driving range and behind the football stands, is an Ayrshire artist hard at work on his latest project.

For some people it may seem odd to have an artist’s workshop in a sports club but for Tragic O’Hara it makes perfect sense.

He believes being part of the community is important and this artist and youth worker is happiest working with and inspiring young people to get creative.

“I was lucky enough to be given a Creative Scotland grant to allow me to find space at the sports club for a year,” said Tragic.

“And it’s brilliant here, next door I have a guy playing golf and I am busy just getting on with what I do. I could stay here forever, it’s a great place and the people who work here are committed to the community of Kilwinning.”

Tragic O’Hara is known for his stunning mural work. The self-taught artist often creates giant paintings on walls including his latest, a shark in Glasgow’s Argyle Street. But his focus of his artwork for now is what he refers to as the Walrus.

Inspired completely by The Beatles song, I Am The Walrus, Tragic is on his own mission to find out not what the walrus is but why it exists and why he has been drawn to it.

And it’s something that he hopes to take to schools to work with young people, using his own journey to find the Walrus to inspire them to get creative too.

“I have to admit when I tell people I am a professional walrus chaser I am met with two reactions,” explained Tragic.

“Some people just laugh and tell me I am off my head but others are intrigued as to why I am doing this and want to know more.

“I have to admit I am not sure where this will lead but I have been obsessed with walruses since I heard the lyrics to the Beatles song.”

Tragic has a popular YouTube channel where he is sharing his search for the walrus with his fans.

He said: “The first thing I am doing is putting together my book, almost like a manifesto, an act one of thoughts and ideas and at the moment it’s at 50,000 words and is being edited. Then, I will see what act two will be and how I reach more people and complete my search hopefully by the time I finish the third act of my walrus project.”

When he’s not creating art, Tragic is an established musician having released three albums and supported acts including The Fall, Ocean Colour Scene and performed at the Wickerman Festival.

But for now, it’s his passion for art and in particular, the search for the Walrus project that is taking up his time and focus and you can follow his journey on YouTube.