Scotland has seen its first seven-day period without any Covid deaths - following a positive test - for eight months, according to Public Health Scotland (PHS) data.

Figures show there were no deaths between April 29 and May 5, making it the longest period without deaths since early September.

The Scottish government reported a further 283 Covid-19 cases on Thursday, although the total includes the results of some tests delayed from earlier in the week.

The percentage of positive tests was 0.9 per cent and there were 58 Covid patients being treated in Scottish hospitals. Eleven people are in intensive care.

For Ayrshire, from the dates April 26 – May 2, there were 0 Covid deaths recorded in neither North, East or South Ayrshire, although from the period April 27 – May 3, North Ayrshire recorded 22 positive cases, South Ayrshire recorded 15 and East Ayrshire reported 43.

Since the second wave of the virus took hold at the end of last year, the number of deaths per day in Scotland has mainly been declining.

A total of 7,660 people have died in Scotland following a positive test for Covid-19.

The number of Covid-confirmed deaths in Ayrshire to date is 713.