Irvine and Kilwinning coppers could soon be set to wear body cameras in proposals from Scotland’s national force.

The plans were discussed at North Ayrshire’s Police and Fire committee with council chiefs stating it would represent a valuable step forward in modern day policing.

A consultation response from North Ayrshire Council states the recording of incidents would assist in investigations and providing evidence.

They added video evidence may greatly assist with criminal trials, add value to proceedings and provide assurance to the public through further transparently and less reliance on subjective accounts of events.

It would improve police accountability to the public and provide protection to police officers from false accusations and lead to fewer complaints against officers.

North Ayrshire legal services senior manager Aileen Craig added: “The council considers that subject to the necessary training of officers, an operating code of practice and adherence to legislation in respect of data protection, the proposal would represent a valuable step forward in modern day policing.”