AN Irvine fitness instructor is offering free sessions as part of an ambitious project to boost the wellbeing of people in the area.

Danielle McLaughlan is set to use her skills in media production and her fitness to help set up studios to help small businesses in the area.

The mum-of-two’s goal is to put her beloved hometown on the map, help businesses promote their work through videos she helps them create.

And on top of that Danielle will be hosting free sessions of her very own fitness creation, Disco Burnout, for people in the town in a bid to help them improve not only their physical wellbeing but their mental health too as part of her project.

The ultimate goal is seeing the businesses come together for festivals in Irvine and is part of a movement in the town that Danielle is involved in called Wicar.

Wicar is a new free mental health movement encouraging people in the town to join forces to support each other and feel positive.

Danielle explained: “I have now managed to get my studios up and off the ground and I want to speak to local businesses about how COVID has affected them and how we plan as a community on coming back together, keeping wealth and health all prominent features of our communities.

“The aim is to offer advertising services for free and will be going towards putting on local festivals and events that are already involved in this new free mental health movement Wicar.”

Danielle will be bringing back her very own fitness creation, Disco Burnout, a mix of dance and HIIT moves, to be hosted at Irvine Beach Park for free.

“We will be hosting some events during the next few weeks and we are all working hard to bring something positive to the town,” said Danielle.

“I will be returning with Disco Burnout and I am really looking forward to getting back to teaching.

“We will also host some fundraising sessions at the Beach Park to help support our plans and our video production projects and to get people back out keeping fit.

“To be honest I just want to bring something new and positive to the town and if it takes off, hopefully lead to new jobs and new events and now I have my own portable podcast equipment to allow us to get out and about, it’s very exciting.”