A BOOZY carer was given a warning after she was caught drinking on shift at an Irvine nursing home during the height of the pandemic.

Agency health care assistant Lisa Bacci had the warning put on her registration for two years after she was caught drunk on duty in Fullarton Care Home – where 20 residents tragically lost their lives under lockdown.

The care watchdog found on evidence Bacci drank alcohol while on shift and also presented as intoxicated while employed by Robertson Recruitment Solutions Limited on July 18, 2020.

In its factors of concern, the Scottish Social Services Council [SSSC] state Bucci took active steps to consume alcohol during her employment – highlighting an increased potential of harm as a result of the behaviour.


The watchdog added in her favour they had not received any prior referrals on her conduct and Bacci engaged with the investigation following the isolated incident on one shift.

The panel said: “Social services workers are expected to behave appropriately at work. By consuming alcohol on shift and presenting as intoxicated while performing your duties you have placed service users and yourself at a risk of harm.

“The SSSC considered the seriousness of the behaviour to be high. While no direct harm resulted from your actions, the potential for harm to be caused as a result of the behaviour was high.

“The SSSC held the risk of repetition to be middling. While the behaviour was isolated to one shift, the act of consuming alcohol on shift and presenting as intoxicated is attitudinal in nature and therefore could happen again in the future.

“There is an identifiable need to protect service users as a result of the risk these behaviours give rise to, and a reasonable member of the public in receipt of all the information would consider the reputation of the profession to be damaged as a result of this behaviour.

“The SSSC therefore considered that your fitness to practise is currently impaired. After referring to our decisions guidance, we decided that the appropriate sanction is to place a warning on your registration for a period of two years.”

Care providers HC-One confirmed the death toll had doubled after an outbreak in the privately-run facility stating 22 residents died of suspected or confirmed coronavirus – with Crown office figures later stating 20 official COVID-19 deaths.

An HC-One spokesperson said: “Caring for our residents and supporting our colleagues is at the heart of what we do, and we are doing everything we can to make sure our residents and colleagues stay safe and well throughout these challenging times.”