Ayrshire Cancer Support has announced its new Irvine ambassador who is lending his voice, energy and commitment to help create a new cancer support centre in Ayr.

The charity recently purchased the former St Andrew’s Hotel at Prestwick Road in Ayr which, if they can reach their target fundraising of £400,000, will be transformed to a purposed, bright and open space for children, young people and adults to access practical and emotional support when a cancer diagnosis affects their lives.

The Ambassadors will be performing a range of duties, from undertaking talks in the community to schools, clubs, groups and organisations, to helping to raise funds to reach the target of £400,000.

Many are well known faces in the local community and one of them is Ron Fraser, a worker in Irvine.

Ron has worked in many different and varied jobs in the past including a long time offshore in the oil industry then more recently at Caledonian Paper Mill.

During these years Ron has gathered a lot of knowledge in many different disciplines, working in a supervisory role doing 12-hour shift work, but nothing had prepared him for the diagnosis that he had cancer, hence his involvement with Ayrshire Cancer Support.

Ron said: “It was here that I discovered what a fabulous charity this is for anyone from Ayrshire unfortunate enough to have been diagnosed with Cancer.

“Briefly put, if you need help, maybe assistance or even just a wee blether, we, at Ayrshire Cancer

Support are here to help, just ask.”

Laura Brown, Head of Income and Communications at Ayrshire Cancer Support said: “We need to generate £2,500 every day, just to keep our free services running.

“It would be impossible to help so many people without support from the local community.

For more information, contact 01563 538008.