From potholes to wayward parking, it is fair to say residents across all council areas often have a problem or two to contend with.

When issues arise, it is best to report them to the council or whoever is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of roads, pavements and pathways in your local area.

Many do so, but others sometimes take to websites such as FixMyStreet which sends the reported problem on to the relevant council on residents' behalf in the hope of having it seen to.

Honing in on Irvine and surrounding areas, here are eight problems that appear to be oustanding as reported by residents in the last few months.

Lights not working on footpath

On Tuesday, July 13 a resident reported that the lights were out on the footpath between Tarryholme and Milgarholm Park. Is this near you? Do you know if the problem has been fixed?

Dodgy parking blocking driveways

On Friday, June 25 a resident complained about cars who 'at least twice a week' park infront of their driveway, blocking access to it. No exact location was given but a corresponding map shows the driveway to be situated on or around Frew Terrace. The individual stated that the cars normally stay for up to two hours, and that the police have had to be contacted in the past to have the cars moved.

Rubbish dumped at the side of the road

Unfortunately, flytipping is a bee in the bonnet of many residents across Ayrshire, but on May 17 a local decided to report a particular pile of garden rubbish, broken slabs and rubble that they said was dumped at the side of the road, on the A71 near Carmel Water. 

Potholes posing threat

On May 7, a 'really bad' pothole was reported between Watson Terrace and Sloan Avenue. The driver said the hole was 'sore on steering' and that it was becoming a 'potential accident spot as cars try to avoid'. 

Potholes wreaking havoc near Tesco

More pothole misery was reported on May 2 when a shopper wrote in about one which seems to have been situated at the exit from Tesco. They wrote, 'large pothole at the exit of tesco irvine which will be doing damage to customers cars/tyres as they leave the retail park.' 

Neglected hedge causing friction and near accidents

A 'badly overgrown hedge' seems to have been causing friction between drivers and posing a threat to people's safety in recent months. The user wrote in about the hedge on March 31 but updated the report on June 23, stating that 'when leaving the junction by car you need to edge out as the sight line is very obscured by the badly overgrown hedge.'

They continued, 'you are nearly halfway out into the main road before noticing the oncoming traffic. There have been a lot of near accidents. Including myself on at least 13 occasions. Then you have to deal with the tirade of abuse from irate drivers about your driving abilities.'

The individual said the problem needed addressed as soon as possible 'before there is a very serious accident.'

Sunken drain and potholes

On the Main Road in Springside, a sunken drain was reported on April 1 which the driver noted 'is extremely harsh on car'. Further up, on Station Road, 'a very large pothole' was also recorded. Are you aware of further problems at this spot?

Damage done to car tyre due to... more potholes

On March 27, a local wrote in about the Irvine Road between Cunninghamhead and Kilmaurs, saying it has 'numerous large dangerous pot holes.' They added, 'this has caused damage to my tyre resulting in having to buy a new one due to the tip on inner wall.'