Nicola Sturgeon is scheduled to give her next update on the easing of Covid restrictions in Scotland next week in Parliament. 

It comes just two weeks after Scotland moved to level 0, the country's lowest level of restrictions. 

Parliament will be recalled for the second time during the summer recess to allow the first minister to outline her plans for August 9, the next planned date for lifting measures. 

This is currently the last date identified in the Government's plan for easing lockdown, when they hope to axe most remaining measures. 

However, the Government has already confirmed that some base measures, including mask wearing, will remain in place.

Here's when the next update will take place?

When is Nicola Sturgeon's next Covid update?

Nicola Sturgeon's next scheduled Covid update will take place in Parliament on  Tuesday August 3 at around 2pm. 

Parliament will be virtually recalled for the update to allow MSPs to scrutinize the Government's proposals for lockdown easing. 

What will Nicola Sturgeon say during the update? 

The first minister is expected to confirm whether the planned axing of remaining restrictions - excluding baseline measures - can go ahead on August 9. 

If these plans go ahead, it means that there would be no more limits on hospitality or the number of people allowed to meet and socialise for the first time in nearly 18 months.

England have already made similar moves, having abandoned all Covid restrictions on July 19, the same day Scotland moved to level 0.  

It is also likely that the first minister will touch on the plans for the return of schools, as well as providing the usual statistics on case rates, hospitalisations, deaths and vaccinations. 

Sturgeon will face questions from MSPs regarding the plans, some of which may have been submitted by their constituents. 

How can I watch the update?

The update will be available to watch on the Scottish Government's social media pages as well as the BBC Scotland.  

The update will also be tweeted live on the SNP's Twitter feed. 

How many cases in my area?

In order to make their decision about August 9, the Scottish Government will be closely monitoring the rates of Covid around the country. 

Here are the numbers in your local area: