Irvine musician Jodie Rae played her first gig since lockdown restrictions eased at the Dumfries and Galloway Arts festival in Stranraer last weekend [Sunday, July 18].

Jodie is a songwriter and actor currently residing in Ayrshire and has performed in multiple venues across Scotland, both musically and theatrically.

Most recently, she was selected as a songwriting mentee for the DMC Futures programme and utilised this to develop her musical identity as a songwriter

‘At First Glance’ – a project established by the singer – was selected as part of a series of commissions chosen by the Young Promoters Group as part of the Stage iT programme.

Jodie, who is also taking part in a number of artistic collaborations in Dumfries, earned her place on the bill after applying for grant funding to pursue the success project, where she developed three of her tracks so they could be performed more inclusively using British Sign Language.

Jodie told the Times how delighted (but also nervous) she is about playing live shows again.

She said: “I was actually shaking before I went on stage, I turned to my boyfriend in the audience and showed him how shaky I was.

“But then when I started to perform it all came back to me. When you perform a virtual show, or a Facebook live, there are no applauses, so you just carry on, I had to remember to pause and wait for the audience.

“It was really great to be back, and I am going to now look around and get some more gigs booked now they are allowed.

“Not all places are back to normal yet, so will have to see who is doing live music now, but I am playing Harleys in Ayr on August 7 and I have applied to be part of Prestfest this year.”

Jodie is also keeping busy with releasing her new single which is out on August 6. People can ‘pre-save’ the track so that they can listen to it on streaming services on the day of the launch.

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