A bid to build an 18m tall mast in Castlepark for 5G has been refused with plans for one in Littlestane Road approved.

The application from UK CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd (Three) network would have seen an 18m monopole located at Castlepark Circle near the area’s school and nursery to upgrade and improve coverage and capacity for 5G services.

The Castlepark plans were refused this week [Tuesday] with meeting papers stating there was no consultation with residents.

However due to distance from the nearest houses, planners considered that the Littlestane Road site would be appropriate.

The appication recieved a supportive letter and one objection from another resident on various grounds, including that "the objector is concerned about the potential health impacts of 5G".

Despite the refusal, North Ayrshire planners stated: "There is no evidence of any negative health side effects associated with wireless technologies."

Planning documents state: "North Ayrshire Councils supports the roll out of 5G, however, there is a requirement to assess whether the siting and design of telecommunications infrastructure would require prior approval.

"No consultations were carried out as part of this prior notification application

The proposed mast would be 18m in height. This is higher than the neighbouring trees (approx. 14m) and the nearby streetlights (approx. 8m). It is also higher than all of the neighbouring buildings which do not exceed two storeys in height. The proposed mast would not benefit from any screening and would be highly visible in the surrounding area.

"The excessive scale of the proposed mast would result in it having a significant, and potentially detrimental impact on the character and visual appearance of the surrounding area. It is considered that prior approval is required in respect to the siting and design of the proposed development."