GOLD medalist Danii Joyce is used to working hard to make her dreams come true.

Since she was six, this “Wonder Woman” has won gold, silver and bronze medals for her swimming and got up at 5am throughout her childhood to train for competitions.

When she was 12, Danii became profoundly deaf but didn’t stop her working her way up to the top of her sport, becoming a double Gold medalist at the 23rd Deaflympics in Samsun, Turkey.

Add these medals to her bronze and silver collections and Danii is a truly inspiring athlete.

Now, she is using her knowledge of training and sport to help others.

And her new dream is to create classes for people, like herself, who live with disabilities.

She is a fitness coach at Kilwinning Sports Club and as well as her personal trainer, Danii specialises in training people with assisted learning needs and disabilities.

Her striking resemblance to Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot, has earned her the nickname Gal and while she is flattered, Danii admits she works harder than this superhero to get results.

“I have worked hard all my life, I am not afraid of hard work,” said Danii.

“Ever since I was six, I have been training for swimming competitions and I have always strived to reach my goals and shatter them.

“As a deaf woman I feel passionately about people who have disabilities, why should we miss out on fitness sessions?

“At the sports club I am working with clients from Hansel and their enthusiasm for all sports is fantastic, as a trainer you couldn’t ask for more. I want people of all abilities to know they can train with me and the sessions will be adapted to their needs, everyone should be able to keep fit.”

Danii also focuses on classes for people aged over 60 at KSC.

“The clients who are not so confident because of their age soon gain confidence and it is wonderful to be part of that journey,” said Danii. “I love coaching other people, I want them to feel like athletes.”

For this champion swimmer lockdown was tough as the pools were closed and for Danii, who was used to swimming every day, she had to find a new fitness outlet.

So she took up running but again, determined to be good at it, she set herself a goal of running to help others.

Her best friend from childhood Jamie Shuttleworth passed away and she wanted to do something to remember him so this Wonder Woman ran four miles every four hours to raise money for a mental health charity.

She has also pounded the streets for an Alzheimer charity too – a true Wonder