Kilwinning’s Miss Scotland nominee has launched a brand new Facebook page to help support youngsters.

Shelly Smith created ‘Shelly’s Safe Space’ so youngsters can have a place to go if they need to talk about anything such as bullying, harassment and anxiety.

The former Miss Ayrshire winner is ready to draw on her own experiences of growing up through school and struggling with her own feelings.

She said: “This is a place where young people can contact me to get anything off their chest that may be dragging them down.

“I’m not a professional in any way but I’m offering myself as a friend or big sister, someone who’s young and understands the crazy pressures of school and social media.

“I feel like I’m ready to use my own negative experiences to help others.

“At 17 I was extremely lonely and depressed after having to leave school with no friends, to now at 21, working towards my dream job as an early years practitioner, a finalist in Miss Scotland and now having my own mental health organisation.”

Having experienced the struggles that young people can go through, Shelly hopes it can help others share their experiences with someone who has gone through similar.

She continued: “When I was struggling I always wished I had someone a little older for guidance who understood what it was like.

“I never felt like parents and teachers understood how bullying never ended when the school bell rang – with social media it follows you home.

“The quote ‘Be who you needed when you where younger’ is what inspires me and what I try to live by, offering myself as a friend who listens, offers guidance and doesn’t make you feel like a burden is all I ever needed, and this is the perfect platform to do that for others.

“Thankfully when I was struggling, I contacted Samaritans and they made a huge difference to what could have been a completely different outcome.

“I’m not a professional and if I was really concerned about someone’s health and safety I would recommended contacting professionals such as Samaritans or CAMHS.”

With the Miss Scotland final taking place on August 27, the former Kilwinning Academy pupil is raring for the final to come around.

She added: “It’s been one of the best experiences of my life, I’ve met so many amazing and inspiring people, the support I’ve received has been overwhelming and I’m so excited to get on stage and do Ayrshire proud”.

Shelly’s Safe Space can be found on Facebook and Shelly encourages youngsters to get in touch for some support.