Youngsters have targeted a litter-picking volunteer while burning bins at Kilwinning Abbey – with adults reportedly also causing disorder, including a woman offering to flash children for money.

Members of Kilwinning Community Council heard a resident had actually been a target for stone-throwing amid ongoing incidents last week [August 19] with incidents in area ‘getting worse over the summer’.

Community councillor Nairn McDonald said: “There’s been a rise in vandalism in the abbey grounds. They chiselled off a large section of the wall and just the understone is left.”

Chair Jim Watson said: “There have been a number of incidents in the Abbey grounds and police have stepped up patrols. Two weekends ago there was a wheelie bin set on fire then last weekend graffiti on the south wall of the tower.”

Cllr Donald Reid said: “There was an incident in the Abbey grounds about 3.50pm on Monday. There was a bit of anti social behaviour and targetting one of the volunteers, who used to be in everyday litter-picking but now they are being targeted and that’s with the police as well.

“They are throwing rocks and throwing eggs which is alarming. It’s rather disappointing the amount of anti-social behaviour.

“I’m very conscious that an individual cannot be targeted just because they are trying to keep their doorstep clean.”

Jackie Hamilton, vice chair, said: “It’s always been a nuisance but it’s becoming more than that now when people are getting targeted and it gets to the point where it becomes a no go area.

“I’ve certainly heard the noise that comes out it [The Abbey] at night and for people living in the area it must be quite frightening if elderly or living on their own.”

Linzi Bingham said: “Its mostly evenings and weekends. I was out the other week and there was an undesirable asking the children if they would give her money to flash them so she could buy drugs.

“I actually had to phone the police. The police came and they had to try and escort her out but the kids were quite upset about it.

“I did say to them just walk away but she was following them. Everytime they were walking away and ignoring her she was right up touching the girl’s hair and talking to the boys.”

“Some of the kids are loud, because I tell them all off, but what do you do to protect them when we’re not there to watch?”

Police Scotland were contacted regarding the above incident but could not get back with further details before deadline.

Police Scotland can be contacted on 101 – In an emergency always dial 999.