A man remains remanded in custody after he tried to kill a businessman who assaulted his sister.

John Pollock left Michael Barbour severely brain damaged after the street attack in Irvine, on July, 15 2020.

Barbour, 44, had pled guilty earlier that year to assaulting the 45-year-old's sister Margaret Pollock, who he had been in a relationship with.

The High Court in Glasgow heard this sparked "feelings of anger" in Pollock leading to the assault.

Builder Pollock - previously jailed for serious violence - admitted to a charge of attempted murder.

He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced next month.

Property investor Barbour and Pollock's sister had once been a couple.

Barbour pled guilty in January 2020 to assaulting her three years earlier as well as disorderly conduct.

On the night of the murder bid, he returned to Irvine after having a meal in Glasgow when Pollock leapt out his car.

Referring what happened with his sister, Pollock yelled: "Do that again and I will f*****g kill you."

After demanding Barbour apologise, he then battered the victim to the ground.

Prosecutor Mark McGuire told the court: "He repeatedly stamped on his head shouting: 'you are sorry now'.

"He then repeatedly kicked him as he lay motionless.

"Finally ending, he shouted: 'next time you do it, I will f*****g kill you'."

Pollock, of Kilwinning, fled as shocked witnesses helped Barbour.

He was rushed to hospital and ended up in a coma.

Mr McGuire: "Such was his condition, his family were initially told that he was unlikely to survive.

"It was confirmed he had suffered significant brain damage, but was later able to be placed into a rehab unit.

Barbour has since returned home, but one doctor said he will "not return to full health".

He will need long term support, has no memory of the attack and the brain injury affects his emotions.

Pollock was held by police, but denied even seeing Barbour that night.

Lady Scott remanded him in custody as sentencing was deferred for reports.