A problem at Stagecoach, which has seen thousands of bus services cancelled across the UK over the past few weeks has now made its way to Irvine, leading to a raft of cancellations today.

The company has said that there is a delay at the DVLA in processing PCV licences for HGV drivers and until these are issued, the cancellations are likely to continue.

The DVLA has put the delay down to problems with industrial action and social distancing measures.

Stagecoach said: "Like many businesses across the UK we are unfortunately experiencing the impacts of the global pandemic and delays in processing PCV licenses which are required for bus drivers to operate our services. 

"This has had an effect on our operation and the phasing of people joining our business through recruitment. 

"Regrettably this means that we've had to make the difficult decision to remove some of our scheduled services from our more frequent timetables, however we are continuing to run the vast majority of our services as normal.

"We would encourage those who have access, to check our website, app and @StagecoachWScot on Twitter for Service Updates. 

"We are sorry for any inconvenience these changes may cause to our customers planning to travel."

The followng services are affected today:

Service 11

0650 Ex Kilmarnock – 0815 Ex Chapelhill Ardrossan

Service 3 

06:51 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 07:02 Ex Onthank, Amlaird Rd

06:55 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 07:14 Ex Shortlees, Loreny Dr.

07:15 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 07:34 Ex Shortlees, Loreny Dr.

07:37 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 07:49 Ex Onthank, Amlaird Rd.

07:57 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 08:09 Ex Onthank, Amlaird Rd

08:05 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 08:24 Ex Shorlees, Loreny Dr.

08:25 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 08:42 Ex Shortlees, Loreny Dr.

08:47 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station –08:59 Ex Onthank Amlaird Rd.

09:07 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station - 09:19 Ex Onthank, Amlaird Rd.

09:15 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 09:34 Ex Shortlees, Loreny Dr.

09:35 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 0954 Ex Shortlees, Loreny Dr.

09:57 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 10:09 Ex Onthank, Amlaird Rd.

10:17 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 10:29 Ex Onthank, Amlaird Rd.

10:25 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 10:44 Ex Shortlees, Loreny Dr.

10:45 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 11:04 Ex Shortlees, Loreny Dr.

11:07 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 11:19 Ex Onthank, Amlaird Rd.

11:27 Ex Kilmarnock Bus Station – 11:39 Ex Onthank, Amlaird Rd.

Service 28 

07:03 Ex Broomlands Station Brae –07:26 Ex Tesco’s Irvine.

07:48 Ex Broomlands Station Brae – 08:13 Ex Tesco’s Irvine.

 08:36 Ex Broomlands Station Brae – 09:01 Ex Tesco’s Irvine.

09:24 Ex Broomlands Station Brae – 09:47 Ex Tesco’s Irvine.

10:12 Ex Broomlands Station Brae – 10:37 Ex Tesco’s Irvine.

11:00 Ex Broomlands Station Brae – 11:25 Ex Tesco’s Irvine.

12:32 Ex Irvine Cross Iceland to Broomlands Station Brae.

12:48 Ex Broomlands Station Brae – 13:13 Ex Tesco’s Irvine

13:36 Ex Broomlands Station Brae – 14:01 Ex Tesco’s Irvine.

14:24 Ex Broomlands Station Brae – 14:49 Ex Tesco’s Irvine.

15:12 Ex Broomlands Station Brae – 15:37 Ex Tescos Irvine

16:00 Ex Broomlands Station Brae to Irvine Cross.