IRVINE’S Senior Forum is gathering support for its plight to see public toilets open in the town centre.

The group’s members were out in force at Bridgegate last month asking for people to sign their petition to ask North Ayrshire Council to open toilets again.

Currently, people are being asked to go into the Portal or make their way to the Rivergate Centre or to Asda at the bottom end of the town.

And their plight has gained support from our readers who agree that toilets should be open.

Alan Caldwell said: “Well done the seniors, keep up the good fight.”

Helen Bown added: “I don’t even mind paying to use the toilet, just let us have that choice.”

Jennie Easdon had a suggestion of opening toilets at the top of the Mall, saying: “I had countless times I had to run from one end of the Mall to the other to get my daughter to the loo when she was potty training, I think use area that led to the old indoor market for new toilets.”

Lisa Owen said it is not just a problem for the older generation, saying: “It’s not just older people who need the loo, many people have issues or disabilities and need access to a toilet.”

Chairperson of Irvine Seniors Forum, Rosemary Byrne said: “We have been delighted that so many people have offered us their support and agreed that something has to be done.

“We will continue to talk to North Ayrshire Council and hopefully work on getting toilets opened up.

“At the moment you have to ask for the disabled toilet key at the Portal and I feel that this is not the best solution.

“Some of our members will not leave their house if they cannot get access to a toilet in the town centre for fear of getting caught short, something has to be done and we are confident an agreement can be worked out soon.”