Two superstar boxing twins from Irvine have each secured kids world record titles.

Woodlands Primary pupils Kay-Lee and sister Leigha Barnes have smashed two world records after training at Irvine’s Elite Boxing Club.

Kay-Lee was recorded as completing the longest upper cuts drill in one minute 58 seconds in the girls’ aged seven-nine category.

And sister Leigha received her medal and certificate for the most consecutive sit ups in the girls aged seven-nine category, completing 50 during the adjudicating on August 4 2021.

Proud trainer Siobhan Kay said: “They box out of Irvine Elite Boxing Club at the industrial estate – they love the boxing. We thought we should put them in for the kids world records then they won it.

“They were well chuffed, they were buzzing for days.

“They’ve been training for about a year now, but they’re doing good for their age. They’ve trained with the likes of Hannah Rankin the professional boxer.

“They’re training three or four times a week They love sparring and are good at pad work as well.

“They’re both right into it, they watch the boxing as well as train.

“They love watching them on Youtube.

“Hannah Rankin is their favourite female boxer and Josh Taylor’s their favourite male.”

Well done Kay-Lee and Leigha from all at the Irvine Times.