A man was fined for kicking doors and alarming his ex partner in Irvine with the offender also admitting to throwing a bottle.

Aaron McCartney, 38, admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and damaging property when he appeared in court this month.

However a not guilty plea to a charge of allegedly having assaulted the woman was accepted in a deal with prosecutors for admitting to the other charges.

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McCartney, who's addres was listed as Station Brae, Dreghorn on the complaint, admitted repeatedly kicking doors at an address on Bank Street on November 7 last year causing the complainer fear and alarm.

The complaint states that the offence is aggravated by involving abuse of an ex partner.

He also admitted wilfully or recklessly destroying property belonging to another – after he threw a bottle which then smashed a mirror.

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When McCartney appeared in court to face trial at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court this month [Friday, September 3] he pled guilty to both charges – with the not guilty plea to the third allegation accepted.

He was fined £420 for his threatening behaviour but admonished and dismissed for damaging property.