Some other vaccine-related news for you now, this time not Covid-related - primary and secondary pupils at schools across Ayrshire will be eligible for a flu vaccine from the end of this month.

Over four million people in Scotland will be offered the free flu shot this year with secondary school pupils eligible for the first time.  

The vaccination effort runs until December.

It's expected that there may be more flu cases this year as natural immunity levels will be lower because of less exposure to the virus last year due to lockdowns.

For most people the vaccine will be given as a painless nasal spray, however, health chiefs say for some individuals that may not be suitable and in such circumstances a jag in the arm will be given instead.

Dr Elvira Garcia, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, said: “The roll-out of the flu programme this year has now started in our area with the first pupils getting their flu vaccine in school. Any pupils not in school on the day flu vaccinations are being delivered or anyone unable to be vaccinated on the day will be provided with a flyer which will detail how they can get the vaccine.

"If you’ve not returned your consent form and the deadline has now passed for your school please return it as soon as possible, there may be later collections of forms and the School Immunisation Team will also be able to screen a small number of forms on the day.”  

Public Health Minister Maree Todd said: “More people than ever are being offered the flu vaccine and we hope to see a large uptake amongst pupils as we aim to keep flu out of schools this year. 

“Last year with the public health measures that were in place, there were lower levels of flu than there has been in previous years so our immunity levels to flu may be lower this year.

“The vaccines are safe and the best way to help protect you, and others, from flu this winter.”