No nursery age youngsters have been given any early years provision at the new Lockhart campus despite promises to parents the new school would serve kids from two-18.

SNP Cllr Christina Larsen asked if the Labour administration could confirm if any child has been assessed and placed in Early Years at Lockhart Campus – after previously raising one mum thinking of pulling their child out of their school due to issues.

Cabinet member for Education John Bell said: “Assessment already undertaken has established that, at present, our local early years centres and classes can appropriately meet the needs of the children beginning this stage of their education.

“Therefore, no child under the age of five is accommodated in Lockhart Campus at this time.”

Cllr Larsen said: “As we are already aware, the consultation report for Lockhart Campus, that was approved by cabinet under a Labour administration on January 31 2017, boasted the new specialist provision would be for children and young people with a wide range of additional support needs aged two to 18 years.

“We know the primary and secondary areas of the school have already welcomed their pupils, which is good news, but we cannot and should not, forget about our little ones who desperately require this provision also.”

“Through first hand experience, I know reviews and assessments are done six monthly or yearly and this is far too long for a little one and their family to have to wait when they are struggling in mainstream early years or at home, not even able to access mainstream early years, due to staff highlighting they are unable to meet the needs of their child.”

Cllr Bell said: “The Lockhart Campus can accommodate early years children should their individual assessments point to it being the best facility for their specific needs. We are committed to providing inclusive and nurturing learning environments.”