Next week’s Come Dine With Me - the day-time culinary TV show - will feature two contestants with connections to Ayrshire.

The Channel 4 series tracks a group of strangers who compete with each other to put on the best dinner party, and is often dogged with questionable menu decisions.

Viral sensation ‘Does it fry?’ Dazza grew up in Ayrshire and went to St Matthew’s Academy in Saltcoats, and Robert Lee was born in Ayr and now resides in West Kilbride, meaning there is more to this ‘Glasgow’ edition than meets the eye.

Robert explained: “It was a good experience, it was a good week, it was totally not what I expected, but it was fun, it wasn’t at your own home so that was interesting.

“I feel it was a successful week for me overall, I feel like I have gained new friends throughout the week and I feel people got to see a side of me they hadn’t seen before.”

The show’s filming took part in the recording of the ‘Covid-friendly’ version of the show, where they were isolated in a house in Inverkip with two other Scottish contestants, instead of hosting in their own gaff.

Dazza has built a huge social media following through making content on experimental deep-frying and has gained millions of views by recording his antics.

He spoke to the Herald about the experience: “It was the longest week of my life, it was an enjoyable week, I was expecting long days, but it was 12 hour days for 22 minutes of television. It was good.

“I didn’t know what to expect guest wise, I didn’t know if people would know me from my social media, but they didn’t because the way they were pitching it on the show was we weren’t going to tell anybody what I did. So I kept it quiet, so when it got to my day I deep friend my whole menu.”

Without giving spoilers, as the show hits our screens on September 20, Dazza explained how it went down: “Let’s just say, everybody went home hungry that night! That’s the best way to put it.

“As much as the food wasn’t enjoyable, the night was. But it’ll become apparent when you see how much one of the guests didn’t enjoy the food, and caused a scene the next morning.”

Watch out for Come Dine With Me on Channel 4 at 5.30pm on Monday, September 20.