NORTH Ayrshire Foodbank received a £500 cheque from Cunninghame Housing Association recently.

John Kelly, Chairperson of Cunninghame Housing Association presented the cheque to Craig Crosthwaite, North Ayrshire Foodbank Coordinator, which will help to assist with the running costs of the Food Larder at the North Ayrshire Foodbank in Ardrossan. Also pictured is Frank Sweeney, right, Group CEO of CHA.

Craig Crosthwaite, Coordinator of the North Ayrshire Foodbank advised that Food Larders is currently a network developing across the Local Authority area and is to address the food needs of those who have limited financial resources as opposed to those who literally have nothing. The aim is to give households a “boost” to their weekly shop. An individual can become a member of the Larder, paying approximately £4 (varying Larder to Larder) a week and can get around £12-£15 of food for their weekly membership. The objective is giving all members access to the same level of food.

John Kelly, Chairperson of CHA commented, “in today’s world it is important that everybody has access to food. Food Larders are helping to achieve this in their own way”.

Pictured left to right: John Kelly, Chairperson of CHA, Craig Crosthwaite, North Ayrshire Foodbank Coordinator, Frank Sweeney, Group CEO of CHA