FOR the last 22 years the hardworking team of The Ayrshire Community Trust, TACT, has been busy supporting groups and volunteers throughout North Ayrshire.

In 2019 they celebrated 20 years of working with a reception and the launch of a new logo.

And their work ranges from helping groups form constitutions and apply for funding to finding roles for volunteers within organisations to creating a virtual reality replica of Kilwinning’ Abbey Tower for people to learn about the history of the iconic Abbey.

They also had a small studio in Irvine’s Trinity Church where TACT’s John Edgar worked with residents to create a First World War film about life in a trench for an Irvine soldier.

TACT also runs Eglinton Community Garden where volunteers work every week with plans to grow even more fruit and veg at the garden.

Now, TACT has launched a new scheme to recognise the hard work and commitment of adult volunteers.

Ann Wilson, who has been with TACT since 2013, said: “We are delighted to launch our awards for adult volunteering with the two top awards for 200 hours and 200 hours with outstanding contribution and we hope to host an awards ceremony in the near future.”

Kaileigh Brown, executive director of TACT, said: “We all work hard with people who are involved in some fantastic projects within the third sector.

“We have a great team who work with some amazing volunteers, people who are helping to make a difference in the community.”