Senior football fans will be getting back together this week for their much-loved club fixture after several seasons blighted by rolling lockdowns.

The Meadow Park-based Wednesday Afternoon Club which hosts various speakers as well as going out on group visits for supporters of all teams and none, will resume its regular meetings at 2pm this Wednesday, October 6 in the Meadow Social Club – unless issues arising to further Covid restrictions.

It is advised for this first meeting, and till further notice, the committee would expect only those who were regular attendees prior to the pandemic to attend to allow the club to implement the Covid regulations promptly.

Robert Smallwood, Wednesday club secretary, said: “We have been talking to a few of the guys and they cannot wait to get back to the circle with the other members in the habit of joining of a Wednesday for the banter and the speakers.

“That’s the sort of things we do speakers, quizzes, films and outings as well we do a lot of those things. We also get people coming in from the care homes as well some of the older guys and it gives the carers a bit of respite and we’re always happy to have them. We’ve been about four or five years now – though excluding two.

“We generally would have the calender worked out but the committee is just starting to meet again, so we’ll have the general manager of Meadow Brian Lamb coming along and he’s going to talk about a variety of things.

“It’s not just Meadow fans that come along and there are people that are not even football fans, as well as Vics and Buffs supporters it get’s them an afternoon out. I think we had over 50 when we had Archie Knox down, he was absolutely brilliant and a stand out.

“W e also had Jim McCalliog who scored the winner against England in 1966 he was good and wants to come back so we’re hoping he’ll be back this diary year.

“We’ve also had a few ex players from the Meadow who have had stories to tell, but we don’t just limit ourselves to the Meadow side, we do tend to try and mix it up a bit.

“The committee are looking forward to getting started again as well – it was a chunk of our week and was always worth it when you saw the guys enjoying their day, and when they turn up they get a cup of tea, refills and some biscuits.”