A NEW online wish list portal has been launched for community groups to seek help from council contractors

Launched this month on the North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership website, the Community Benefits Wish List has been set up to provide groups with community benefits is supported by local public sector contractors.

Community groups can use the portal to register their own community benefit wishes, with examples including donations of materials to a community garden; food donations to a local community larder; free printing for a community event; or an expert giving a small charity some free help for an afternoon.

The Community Benefits Wish List is a new online resource to allow Third Sector groups, such as community organisations, associations, charities and social enterprises, to come together and share their needs with council contractors and suppliers.

Council contractors and suppliers can then view the requests for help and, if they’re interested, can do their part to deliver one for the advertised projects.

Community groups can have up to three wishes ‘live’ on the Community Benefits portal at any one time and contractors interested in delivering a wish can view the list of requests on the website and contact the Council via email: communitybenefits@north-ayrshire.gov.uk to get involved and provide support.

Joe Cullinane, council leader, added: “The Wish List will put important community projects on the radar of contractors who can provide them with support to achieve their ambitions, grow their capacity and realise their potential.

“Community Wealth Building is all about working in partnership with communities and businesses to build a strong local economy which supports fair work, encourages local spend and uses the land and property we own for the common good so that wealth stays local.

“It is particularly significant that the Community Benefits Wish List has launched now during Challenge Poverty Week. Across North Ayrshire, local people are suffering from significant levels of poverty and inequality and are depending on the vital services of community groups, associations and Third Sector organisations more than ever.”

“This is why we will continue to develop new Community Wealth Building approaches to do what we can to help communities recover from the effects of the pandemic as we put local businesses on the map and together, we can build back better, fairer and greener.”

Register online: northayrshire.community/wishlist.