A BID to create a new Irvine Lidl store which would see a new pedestrian cycle path at the Stanecastle Roundabout is set to be denied – after plans and an appeal were previously refused.

The application for an environmental impact assessment screening opinion into a proposed foodstore was validated by planning officers on October 6 – which mentions improvements to the Stanecastle roundabout and creation of a shared pedestrian and cycleway path.

However, Lidl bosses have since been told the plans will not be accepted – with the council telling the Times they consider the proposals to be a repeat application.

The previous bid was thrown out after an appeal was heard by the council’s Local Review Body on January 8 this year.

Planning officers previously refused due to the chain not taking a town centre-first approach and that the discount giant had shown “no will” to deliver a site other than Stanecastle.

Issues with the roundabout itself, poor maintenance of surrounding paths and residents having to cross the A78 footbridge were also highlighted by planners during the previous bid.

A spokesperson from Lidl told the Times: “We requested a review of an updated plan which addressed comments made by the Planning Committee on our previous application which included additional road safety measures and footpath upgrades.

“However, the council have decided that the plan would not be accepted. We will consider their response.”

In response, a North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “The council received a pre-application consultation (PAC) screening notice earlier for the erection of a foodstore, improvements to the Stanecastle Roundabout and the creation of a shared pedestrian/cycleway path at the Manson Road underpass at Crompton Way, Irvine.

“We believe the development would not constitute a major development and would be considered to be a repeat application of the planning application which was refused for a foodstore on this site earlier in 2021 (ref. 19/00752/PP).”

We reported back in June how LIDL bosses still hoped for a new store in Irvine, with the town featuring along various Ayrshire locations when the chain published its annual list of areas across Scotland where it is interested in acquiring sites.