AN ACTRESS who created her own show for Prime Video has launched a teaser for episode two of the hit series.

Maddy Bryce became an instant hit with Scottish show Cavendish, set in a posh

Scottish boarding school,when it was aired on Amazon


It was back in 2019 Maddy needed a piece for her showreel so she decided to make her own.

After shooting the eight minute episode, it was suggested Maddy write more.

And with lockdown and no work for an actress with

theatres and films on hold, Maddy took the chance to create Cavendish.


The trailer for the second episode of Amazon Prime show Cavendish was filmed at Kilwinning Sports Club

The trailer for the second episode of Amazon Prime show Cavendish was filmed at Kilwinning Sports Club


She penned the first episode and when people said she should send it away to production companies, she sent it to Amazon Prime.

They loved it and it was aired in January this year.

Cavendish became an instant success with teenager viewers and has reached viewing figures of over 108,000.

Maddy is now writer, producer, director and star of the show.

Part of the show was filmed at Kilwinning Sports Club and in the teaser for episode two, you can see the football pitches with Maddy in shot.

Maddy said: “We needed a forested background with no other houses or outer buildings in shot.

“Our sports choreographer and former local footballer Rachel Halbert put us in contact with Colin Hunter at the club and he was a dream host.

“Location hunting isn’t always straightforward, but Colin said we could move nets and do what we needed to do to complete the scene.

“The major point was the pitch had to match drone

shots on the opening sequence which puts Cavendish in the Highlands.

“That is the kind of location we love to work with.

“It was also an honour to shoot in a lesser featured area of Scotland.”

Maddy has also been involved in two short films, hard hitting drama Little and Beach Bygones.

Now her focus is back on Cavendish which is run by her production company, So Scottish Productions.

“You can tune into the

teaser trailer on YouTube for Cavendish before it is aired on Amazon Prime Video in the coming weeks”, Maddy revealed.

“It’s exciting and a real honour that so many young people have taken the show into their hearts.

“We are all proud of it.”

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