A YOUNGSTER in green shorts was told off for his clothing when he appeared in court accused of breaking into his disabled brother’s house and making abusive remarks.

Jardyn Sim, 18, was given the dressing down from Sheriff Michael Hanlon and told wearing shorts was ‘pushing it’ before leaving the dock, while the judge added he was ‘pretty relaxed’ about people's appearance in court.

The Smith Drive, Saltcoats resident appeared last week to face claims of causing fear and alarm through alleged threatening or abusive behaviour in Irvine.

Court papers state Sim shouted and uttered alleged “disablist remarks” to the complainer and attempted to force open window’s to gain entry at an address at Littlestane Court, Irvine on September 5.

The complaint states the offence is aggravated by involving prejudice relating to disability.

Sim, represented by defence solicitor Simon Brown, pleaded not guilty to the allegation last week and was ordered not to return to the address or contact the complainer when granted bail.

Sheriff Michael Hanlon added: “I’m usually pretty relaxed about court dress – but I think a pair of shorts is pushing it.”