ABANDONED Loudoun Castle is all set to become the scene of a spooky halloween movie event. 

Organisers At The Flix Drive In have set up a special outdoor area at the abandoned local theme park, and have films available for all the family on the world's biggest mobile LED screen - from spooky kids films like Hocus Pocus and Cruella, to adult horrors like It and Nightmare on Elm Street.

The daily and nightly flicks, which run from Friday, October 29 to Sunday, October 31, costs £36 for each car.

A fancy dress competition will also take place along with an in-car quiz, car-a-oke, and ghost, ghouls and scare actors.

Phedra McIndoe, event co-ordinator, said: "We've done our first one since last halloween at Prestwick airport, which was a massive success.

"We'd just come out of lockdown and we caught it by the skin of our teeth before we went back into Level 3, we caught it by like 10 hours.

"This year we're putting on a show, we have pre-film karaoke and there are quizzes. There is food delivery to the car which you order via an app.

"We have scare characters, music, lighting and there's a coffee tram too for coffee and hot chocolates.

"Loudoun is perfect for Halloween, we're hoping to put on a good show and for everyone enjoy themselves. 

"It's the biggest mobile LED screen in the world, it's massive!"

For more information and to purchase tickets visit attheflix.com.