North Ayrshire MP Patricia Gibson says “the death of a child is a loss like no other” as she remembered her stillborn son.

Mrs Gibson visited a Memorial Tree Dedication Service in Corsehill Park and Gardens in Ayr as part of Baby Loss Awareness Week, which ran between October 9-15.

The SNP member, along with husband, Kenneth Gibson MSP, were there to remember their own son, baby Kenneth, who was stillborn on October 15, 2009.

Ayrshire Baby Loss Support planted the tree to remember babies who lost their life at an early age, and to give families somewhere to remember them.

The tree will become a permanent fixture in the gardens in memory of lost babies.

Patricia Gibson said: “Those who suffer the loss of a baby often struggle to comprehend and cope with their loss.

“The comfort offered by organisations such as Ayrshire Baby Loss Support (ABLS) can be essential to those affected by baby loss, which is often a very isolating experience.

“The death of a child is a loss like no other.

ABLS offers Befrienders who have themselves suffered the loss of a baby and therefore understand the feelings of despair and devastation that the death of a baby causes.

“This can make such a difference to those struggling through a fog of grief.”

The SNP MP continued: “I was moved by ABLS’s kind offer to include the name of my and Kenneth Gibson MSP’s baby son, Kenneth, who was stillborn on October 15, 2009, to their Memorial Tree in Corsehill Park in Ayr.

“Thank you to all in Ayrshire Baby Loss Support for the work you do.

“This permanent tree of remembrance for all lost babies will bring real comfort to those who have been denied the joy of seeing their babies grow up.”

Anyone living with baby loss in Ayrshire can contact Ayrshire Baby Loss Support via email at or by calling 01563 825402 or visit for more information.