A MAN known as the ‘German Hamster’ was spotted in Ayrshire recently.

Visitors to Prestwick on Sunday and Monday would have seen German artist Arnd Drossel walking in his spherical sculpture, which he has walked in from his hometown of Paderborn to Ayrshire.

Arnd is on his way to the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow and for the last 85 days he and his team have been speaking to people they meet on the streets to highlight their campaign.

The project, ‘My Promise Mother Earth’, seeks to commit people to making promises that would see a change in their lifestyle that would benefit the health of the Earth.

Arnd explained: “I want to show how important it is to change your actions for a better climate and better world.”

Participants can log their promises on the My Promise Mother Earth website, where all the other promises made can be seen.

The sphere, which is just over two metres tall and weighs more than a 100 kilograms, is made up of many interconnecting cables, something Arnd says is supposed to suggest the interconnected nature of our existence.

“It shows that we are all connected around the world and also that we have a chance to influence other through our own actions.

“We can build a network. That’s why I’m doing this long journey, to talk and see people. I like to talk to people and show that we are connected.

“By walking on the street you can get in touch with people of all from all different walks of life.”

Arnd left Prestwick on Sunday afternoon and begun the penultimate leg of his trip. He will travel from South to East Ayrshire, making a stop-off in Kilmarnock before arriving in Glasgow on Wednesday.

Once there, he hopes to finish his journey with a dramatic climax involving flames and bagpipes.

He plans to find a spot alongside the Clyde, where he will fill his sphere with pieces of wood.

He will set the sphere alight and will encourage spectators to fill up a spoon of water and help extinguish the flames. All the while the piper plays along.

Confirmation of this has not yet been given as Arnd needs to consult with Glasgow fire chiefs first.