A KIND-HEARTED Kilwinning father and son are now launching their eighth Christmas appeal for children in hospital while the coronavirus pandemic carries on.

Michael Kirkum Senior and Junior want to do all they can to make the youngsters’ day a little bit brighter for the many children who will be spending the festive season in Crosshouse Hospital.

And once again, they are appealing for kind-hearted residents to donate selection boxes, toys, board games and activity books to give the kids a really special Christmas Day.

Michael Kirkum Senior told the Times the team is looking forward to the eighth annual collection and urged residents to get buying in November when the goods might be cheaper.

He said: “We’re getting started next week. We usually try to get Hallowe’en out the road and most of the stuff is not half price yet. About mid-November a lot of the goods are on special offer because you don’t want folk spending too much money as times are tough for people.

“If you can make a difference to somebody’s life you’re doing well, last year we managed 500 selection boxes, 500 colouring books, 500 packets of crayons all donated to the hospital plus loads of other stuff to go out to various groups, so it was really nice we were able to do that.

“It’s good with things like board games as they can still be playing with those now and still getting use out them.

“It’s all about taking their mind out of being in hospital and we’re trying to get things for their waiting rooms as well like wee toys.

“Obviously they still have to have quarantine so we’re making the deliver date earlier again with guidelines.

“Last year was really good so if we can emulate that in any way, that’ll be wow.

“We would recommend things like board games and small toys.

“Sticker books and crayons are really good because that keeps the child occupied all day, when a selection box might be five minutes.

“Board games are good as they can keep them occupied throughout the year.”

Michael Kirkum Junior added: “Give what you can, times are tough and anything that can keep the kids occupied and away from their daily routine of getting injections or medicine makes the difference – it gets them away from that for a wee bit.”

Donations can be made at The Alton Inn or by contacting Michael Kirkum on Facebook or mjkirkum89@outlook.com or call 07961 540780.