NORTH Ayrshire’s Older People’s Champion, Councillor Jimmy Miller, has written to PM Boris Johnson and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to express his concerns over rising energy prices.

With a global surge in energy prices, 13 suppliers in the UK have collapsed in the last few months, with more at risk.

And the surviving suppliers are responding with record-breaking energy price rises.

Average bills are up £139 with experts predicting a further 14 per cent rise in bills next Spring.

Councillor Miller told the two government leaders that other countries, such as France and Spain put in place immediate interventions to support their citizens through the crisis.

And he wants the Scottish and UK governments to do the same.

He said: “I have spoken to numerous elderly people in our communities who are facing the most difficult decisions this winter - whether to eat or heat their home.

“They, like many of us across the country, are seeing their energy suppliers collapse and their prices rise.

"I am calling on both of our governments to intervene to support our elderly population with their fuel bills.

“Other countries have taken immediate steps to support citizens through this winter and we should do likewise.

“These actions could include the UK Government giving us an immediate VAT break on our energy bills or the Scottish Government’s ceding to Scottish Labour’s demand for a £70 winer fuel allowance top up.”

Cllr Miller said he would be happy to speak to any older person who has concerns.