AYRSHIRE’S tug-of-war champions are looking forward to further glory after recent national championship success.

The sport, which involves two teams fighting against each other in a test of strength by pulling on opposite ends of a rope until a certain distance is reached, has seen a return to indoor competitions after Covid restrictions were lifted.

And the local team, whose members practice in Moscow and who have won numerous world indoor titles, are now gearing up for the British and Irish Championships in Northern Ireland this January.

Lauren Baird, the team’s PR officer, said: “We returned to indoor in 2021 after a break due to Covid-19, with our team picking up medals at the national championships.

“Our next goal is the British and Irish championships, and all going to plan, the world championships are in March in the Netherlands.

“However, everything is slightly in limbo due to covid restrictions here and across the world.

“It has been great to return to training and very important for our members to return and see each other, generally living fairly isolated lives even before Covid.

“Most members have an agricultural background and it’s important for us to get together and relieve some stress as well as work towards the next couple competitions.

“We are always looking to recruit new members and more info can be obtained through our Facebook page.”

For more information or to join the team, search “Ayrshire Tug of War Club” on Facebook.