A man faces trial for allegedly turning up at a senior council director’s home with a notepad and causing fear and alarm before driving past another officer's address.

John Bell, 46, faces two charges of threatening behaviour after allegedly intimidating North Ayrshire Council’s communities and education executive director Audrey Sutton and youth work manager Angela Morrell.

The case called at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on December 23, but had to be postponed to next year due to one complainer’s ill health and another police witness testing positive for Covid.

It’s alleged Mr Bell, of Campbell Place, Dreghorn, intimidated Ms Sutton by turning up at her home with a notepad, staring at her, saying her name and ticking the notepad on August 21, 2020.

Court papers allege that he intimidated Ms Morrell by driving past her home in Irvine and writing in a notepad on the same date.

John Bell, who represented himself in the hearing, appeared in the dock with two large folders of papers he asked to present to the Procurator Fiscal.

Sheriff Sheena Fraser said: “This matter has called for trial on two charges contravening section 38, or threatening behaviour.

“You previously plead not guilty are you ready to proceed to trial?”, while John Bell, replied “I certainly am”.

The Procurator Fiscal said: “There is a motion to adjourn as there is witness difficulties, one of the complainers in charge one has sent in a letter from her doctor and unable to attend today. And on top of that one of the police witnesses has covid.

“Under circumstance we’re not able to proceed today."

Sheriff Fraser said: “Mr Bell, you’ve heard what the fiscal has to say, do you have any objection to that?”

He replied: “No, I would like all the witnesses to be here your honour.”

He added: “I’ve two very large folders of evidence I would like to pass to the Fiscal so they are ready to go to trial.”

The case was deferred until later next year.