A KILWINNING man drove his car into a roadside barrier while more than three times over the booze limit after celebrating a promotion at work.

Ben Davidson Stitt gave police a breath sample with a reading of 81 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath after his car hit a barrier on Byers Road.

The 38-year-old had got behind the wheel to drive a short distance on November 3.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard Stitt’s vehicle had struck a barrier at around 11.30pm and that while there was no damage, a number of witnesses became aware of what had happened.

The procurator fiscal depute said: “The accused was discovered in the driving seat smelling strongly of alcohol. Police were contacted to attend and did so shortly after.

“Police later attended the accused address where they found the accused in an intoxicated state. The roadside breath test was carried out.”

“The accused was taken to Kilmarnock Police Office. He was cautioned and charged and made no reply.”

Defence solicitor Waqqas Ashraf urged Sheriff Sheena Fraser to settle matters with a monetary fine for the first offender, adding he fully understood the seriousness of the offence.

Mr Ashraf said: “He was celebrating a promotion at work and left keys in the vehicle – he made the stupid decision to drive the very short distance.

“He’s accepted and taken full responsibility and embarrassed. As your ladyship will see He is in full time employment with a pharmaceutical company.

“He has no significant problems with alcohol. He indicated to me he drinks once or twice a week at weekends; he’s not a drinker at all. It was clearly a one off incident. He fully understands the seriousness of the situation. This is his first offence.”

Sheriff Sheena Fraser said: “Mr Stitt you clearly understand how serious this offence is. Given the circumstances are that there was an accident as a result of your driving you’ll understand this could have been a very dangerous situation.

“Your behaviour that night is mitigated by your clear remorse and your reaction to being in court. I have taken the view the appropriate sentence would be a monetary fine mitigated by financial circumstance. It would have been £500 but given your plea £330.”

Stitt, of Stobbs Crescent, was fined £330 – reduced from £500 because of his guilty plea – and banned from holding or obtaining a licence for 16 months.

He will also pay £20 to the victim surcharge fund.