An MSP wants justice for Irvine and Kilwinning’s victims of crime this Christmas in a selection of proposed reforms he’s putting to the public.

West Scotland MSP and Shadow Justice Secretary Jamie Greene has launched a consultation to overhaul Scotland’s justice system and put victims of crime at the heart of it.

His Member’s Bill, which allows for individual MSPs to try and change the law, includes wide-ranging plans for a Victims Law which would make seven key changes to the justice system:

• Abolishing the controversial Not Proven verdict

• Implementing Michelle’s Law to give victims a voice when criminals are considered for release

• Implementing Suzanne’s Law to prevent the release of killers if they refuse to say where a victim’s body is buried

• Giving all victims the opportunity to make statements in court

• Ensuring victims are always notified if no further action is taken on their case

• Reforming the Victim Notification Scheme

• Introducing statutory timescales for Fatal Accident Inquiries

Mr Greene said he was inspired to introduce these changes to the law arguing the SNP have a “soft-touch justice system” which he believes too often puts the needs of criminals rather than victims first.

He also invited Irvine and Kilwinning residents to take part in his consultation should they have a view on any aspect of his proposals, which can be filled out here:

Mr Greene said: “This Bill could make a huge difference for the lives of victims and families in Irvine and I’m keen to hear local resident’s views.”