Council house applicants had to wait more than double the length of time to be housed under the pandemic with more than 2,000 residents successfully moved in during this time.

North Ayrshire Council confirmed there were more than 7,000 applicants still on the waiting list as of September.

There was a wait of 24.6 months for the years 2020/21 with those on the list waiting on average 39.1 months for 2019/20.

Back in 2018/19, 14.2 months was recorded with a 14.2-month wait in 2017/18 and 12.6 months in 2016/17.

North Ayrshire Council’s figures, released in a Freedom of Information request from the Irvine Times reveal that for one bedroom properties tenants had to wait 1,024 days in 2021/20, 875 for a two-bed home, 418 for three bedroom and 451 for four.

In 2019/20 residents waited 1,056 days for a one-bedroom home, 1029 days for two, 367 days for three and 761 days for four.

For 2018/19 the wait was 702 days for a one bedroom home, 527 days for two, 424 days for three and 353 days for four

In 2017/18 there was a 449 day wait for a one bed home, 409 days for two, 458 days for three and 485 days for four.

For 2016/17 tenants waited around 420 days for one bedroom properties, 340 days for two, 374 days for three and 372 days for four.

Last year [2020/21] 1,003 applicants for council homes were successfully housed, with 1,021 in 2019/20.

There were 1,010 successfully housed applicants in 2018/19, 966 in 2017/18 and 982 in 2016/17.

For 20/21 the average points for rehousing was 343– with the highest points 450 and Lowest zero.

As of September 24, 2021, there are 7,095 applicants on the North Ayrshire Housing Register.

Cllr Jim Montgomerie said: “Our housebuilding programme is one of the most ambitious in the UK. But it’s about building them in a way which helps transform communities, which is affordable, and supports our commitments to tackle climate change.”