There is still time to apply for a new project that has been launched in North Ayrshire which will seek to research and solve the growing problems our young people are facing regarding mental health.

The North Ayrshire Mental Health Commission (NAMHC) is being led by Leaders Unlocked, a social enterprise which works across the UK to highlight and empower young people’s voices to be heard on major issues in Health, Criminal Justice, Education and Policing.

The project is being led by community activist and former MSYP Nairn McDonald, 26, who has spent a decade working in his local community.

Nairn said about the project: “The Commission is based on a successful model which has worked elsewhere that I have adapted for the North Ayrshire perspective.

"We will look to recruit 30 young people. They will be supported to travel North Ayrshire speaking to their peers to find out the main issues around mental health and also develop solutions.”

Leaders Unlocked has partnered with North Ayrshire Council’s Connected Communities department to deliver the project.

The project has been successful in gaining grant funding from “Young Start” with The National Lottery.

Nairn added: “Unlike other projects we have seen around mental health, this one will be led by and driven by young people.

"We have support from North Ayrshire Council, and other relevant partners, to ensure that the solutions young people find are taken seriously and put into action.”

With recruitment open for a few more weeks, NAMHC is encouraging any young person between 14-25 who may be interested to get in touch.

A final group consisting of 30 young people from across North Ayrshire will be selected.

Nairn says he is keen to ensure that a diverse a group as possible representing all the communities within North Ayrshire is recruited.

Those who join will be supported to travel in North Ayrshire and gain new skills and experiences while completing this vital research.

Those choosing to take part will visit a variety of communities to meet fellow young people as well as meeting with leaders in the sector.

Email for more.